Before and After Photos: Luxury Jet Plummets 10,000 Feet

A luxury Bombardier Challenger carrying 9 passengers including crew flying at an altitude of 34,000 feet was flipped upside down and began rolling uncontrollably as plummeted 10,000 feet in an instant.

The incident was caused by a much larger Airbus passed over the Bombardier  at approximately 35,000 feet.  The wake turbulence  from the Airbus was so powerful that it literally sent the smaller jet careening out of control. The jet went into an uncontrollable spin before the engines flamed out and failed.

Miraculously the pilots were able to gain control of the aircraft and restart the engines allowing for a safe landing.   Several passengers were taken to hospital, one experienced very serious injuries.

The before and after photos show how dangerous the situation was.  It’s a real miracle the pilots were able to gain control of the aircraft and there were no deaths.


Unfortunately the Bombardier sustained so much damage it was completed totaled form the event.

Thank God everyone survived.

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Woman Survives Devistating Mudslide

Very heavy rains are wreaking havoc on the county of Peru, causing avalanches and flooding across parts of the country.  Officials have reported  70,000 people have been injured or displaced and there have been 70 deaths and 11 people are missing.

On March 15, 2017 Evangelina Chamarro and her husband Armando were heading out to feed their livestock in the Punta Hermosa resort area about 25 miles south of the Peruvian capital when they were both swept away by a swift moving mudslide caused by an avalanche.

“We went out to feed the animals when in the distance we heard a loud noise. I thought two trucks had crashed into each other on the highway.” said Armando.

Armando was able to grab onto the trunk of a tree but his wife was swept away in the fast moving mud. ” I saw the mud carrying away my wife. I didn’t think I would find her alive.”

While being swept away in the avalanche, Evangelina thought of giving up as her body was struck by lumber, nails, and other sharp debris,  “I thought of giving up, but the whole time I was asking God to give me the strength to keep on fighting.”

Remarkably Evangelina survived,  her emerging from the debris was caught on video, you can see the amazing footage below.

“God is great, it’s a miracle she’s alive!” Armando said after being discharged from the hospital.

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Mother Told One Twin Baby Won’t Survive The Night

Owen and Evan Guise (Photo: WKBW)

Evan and Owen Guise are twins, born 10 weeks early in the spring of 2015. Being premature babies, they faced many common side effects, but Owen faced even more fatal issues.

Owen had bacteria in his blood, fluid in his lungs, a blockage from him stomach to his intestine and an malformed anus.  Owen’s mother, Heather Mieth, was told he wouldn’t survive the night.

“I was told at some point through the night they were going to come and wake me up to hold him so I could say goodbye to him,” Mieth remembers.

Miraculously Owen did survive the night, the little fighter he is, he continued to fight and continued to grow.  With the help of physicians at the Children’s Hospital in Buffalo New York, Owen spent 3 months in the NICU.  Within his first month of life, Owen had two surgeries and multiple procedures.

Owen is now 21 months old, he still faces many issues from his premature birth, he is legally bind, deaf in one ear and doctors have said he may develop Cerebral Palsy.  Despite all the obstacles and challenges, Owen is a happy little boy.

Heather calls Owen her “miracle baby.” However, she knows this was no miracle. This was the work of the doctors and staff at Children’s.

“We take it day by day. We’re glad he’s here with us and alive and breathing and smiling and having fun.”

Every birth is a miracle, Owen was born into the caring hands of  physicians who saved his life, and that is definitely a extra special miracle.

Cat Trapped In Washing Machine For 30 Minutes Survives

It’s extremely unlikely for any animal to survive a washing machine cycle, especially a little kitten.

Ruth Horton was doing her laundry and when she turned her back to grab the detergent, her six-month-old kitten sneaked in the wash machine.  Ruth didn’t realize the kitten was missing and when on about her evening.

“I pressed the button and went off to eat dinner. I never thought anything of it.”

When Ruth did notice the kitten was missing, she began searching for her, she said, “It was unusual as whatever room I’m in she follows me in to. I started searching all the rooms in our house but I couldn’t find her.”

When Ruth couldn’t find the kitten, she resumed her laundry task and began taking her clothing out of the washing machine.  As Ruth was removing the clothing, she felt something very heavy, and this is when she made the grizzly realization.

“I realized it was my cat’s leg. She meowed and my first reaction was to scream as I thought she was dead. I felt sick and terrified.”

Ruth rushed the little kitten to the veterinarian in hopes that her little fur baby would be saved.

Nurse Hayley Hyam, who treated Kitty at Taverham Vets, said it’s sadly not common for a cat to survive a washing machine cycle.

“Normally it’s a sad outcome. Unfortunately because of the temperature and the detergent they pass away either through getting really hot or really cold. Also the toxicity of detergent usually burns the skin.

Ruth was told the kitten was hypodermic and would not live to see the next morning.

The veterinarians did all they could to help the poor kitten.  Because the she was so cold they started an IV to give her fluids and help her begin to warm up. She was also given medication to protect her system, as well as oxygen therapy to help her breathe.

Against all odds, the kitten did live to see the next morning.

Ruth said: “Every time the phone rang I thought she was dead. But the next morning, we were told she was fine. ”

Five days later and the kitten is still in top shape, which astonished Nurse  Hyam, “The likelihood of her surviving was a miracle – she truly is a miracle cat.”


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Toddler Saved From Downing By Miracle

Matty Cunningham (Photo: KTVB)

Matty Cunningham, a 22-month-old from Baker City, Oregon was found blue and not breathing in his neighbors pond  on Thursday March 9, 2017.

Matty’s parents, Elsa and Matthew, who were doing yard work at the time Matty wandered away, found him in the pond.  Without knowing how long Matty was under the water, his parents were certain he was dead.

“There was no movement in his limbs. It looked like he had been there all winter,” Matthew said. “He was blue and lifeless, unresponsive,” Elsa added.

Elsa and Matt immediately began administering CPR while the paramedics were en-route.  When the paramedics arrived a faint heartbeat was detected but Matty still wan’t breathing.

Matty was rushed to St. Alphonsus hospital in Baker City.

“His initial blood work was that of a dead baby,” Matthew said.

Matty’s little body was without oxygen for such a long period of time, his parents feared if he lived he would have severe brain damage.

Miraculously Matty’s MRI was perfectly normal.

Elsa and Matthew feel Matty is alive today because of an intervention from the one true God.

“It’s miracle in a sense that there’s no scientific or natural explanation, there had to be a divine intervention,” Matthew said.


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