Woman Survives Devistating Mudslide

Very heavy rains are wreaking havoc on the county of Peru, causing avalanches and flooding across parts of the country.  Officials have reported  70,000 people have been injured or displaced and there have been 70 deaths and 11 people are missing.

On March 15, 2017 Evangelina Chamarro and her husband Armando were heading out to feed their livestock in the Punta Hermosa resort area about 25 miles south of the Peruvian capital when they were both swept away by a swift moving mudslide caused by an avalanche.

“We went out to feed the animals when in the distance we heard a loud noise. I thought two trucks had crashed into each other on the highway.” said Armando.

Armando was able to grab onto the trunk of a tree but his wife was swept away in the fast moving mud. ” I saw the mud carrying away my wife. I didn’t think I would find her alive.”

While being swept away in the avalanche, Evangelina thought of giving up as her body was struck by lumber, nails, and other sharp debris,  “I thought of giving up, but the whole time I was asking God to give me the strength to keep on fighting.”

Remarkably Evangelina survived,  her emerging from the debris was caught on video, you can see the amazing footage below.

“God is great, it’s a miracle she’s alive!” Armando said after being discharged from the hospital.

This article was originally posted on Catholicregister.org.

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