Toddler Saved From Downing By Miracle

Matty Cunningham (Photo: KTVB)

Matty Cunningham, a 22-month-old from Baker City, Oregon was found blue and not breathing in his neighbors pond  on Thursday March 9, 2017.

Matty’s parents, Elsa and Matthew, who were doing yard work at the time Matty wandered away, found him in the pond.  Without knowing how long Matty was under the water, his parents were certain he was dead.

“There was no movement in his limbs. It looked like he had been there all winter,” Matthew said. “He was blue and lifeless, unresponsive,” Elsa added.

Elsa and Matt immediately began administering CPR while the paramedics were en-route.  When the paramedics arrived a faint heartbeat was detected but Matty still wan’t breathing.

Matty was rushed to St. Alphonsus hospital in Baker City.

“His initial blood work was that of a dead baby,” Matthew said.

Matty’s little body was without oxygen for such a long period of time, his parents feared if he lived he would have severe brain damage.

Miraculously Matty’s MRI was perfectly normal.

Elsa and Matthew feel Matty is alive today because of an intervention from the one true God.

“It’s miracle in a sense that there’s no scientific or natural explanation, there had to be a divine intervention,” Matthew said.


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