Mother Told One Twin Baby Won’t Survive The Night

Owen and Evan Guise (Photo: WKBW)

Evan and Owen Guise are twins, born 10 weeks early in the spring of 2015. Being premature babies, they faced many common side effects, but Owen faced even more fatal issues.

Owen had bacteria in his blood, fluid in his lungs, a blockage from him stomach to his intestine and an malformed anus.  Owen’s mother, Heather Mieth, was told he wouldn’t survive the night.

“I was told at some point through the night they were going to come and wake me up to hold him so I could say goodbye to him,” Mieth remembers.

Miraculously Owen did survive the night, the little fighter he is, he continued to fight and continued to grow.  With the help of physicians at the Children’s Hospital in Buffalo New York, Owen spent 3 months in the NICU.  Within his first month of life, Owen had two surgeries and multiple procedures.

Owen is now 21 months old, he still faces many issues from his premature birth, he is legally bind, deaf in one ear and doctors have said he may develop Cerebral Palsy.  Despite all the obstacles and challenges, Owen is a happy little boy.

Heather calls Owen her “miracle baby.” However, she knows this was no miracle. This was the work of the doctors and staff at Children’s.

“We take it day by day. We’re glad he’s here with us and alive and breathing and smiling and having fun.”

Every birth is a miracle, Owen was born into the caring hands of  physicians who saved his life, and that is definitely a extra special miracle.

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