Cat Trapped In Washing Machine For 30 Minutes Survives

It’s extremely unlikely for any animal to survive a washing machine cycle, especially a little kitten.

Ruth Horton was doing her laundry and when she turned her back to grab the detergent, her six-month-old kitten sneaked in the wash machine.  Ruth didn’t realize the kitten was missing and when on about her evening.

“I pressed the button and went off to eat dinner. I never thought anything of it.”

When Ruth did notice the kitten was missing, she began searching for her, she said, “It was unusual as whatever room I’m in she follows me in to. I started searching all the rooms in our house but I couldn’t find her.”

When Ruth couldn’t find the kitten, she resumed her laundry task and began taking her clothing out of the washing machine.  As Ruth was removing the clothing, she felt something very heavy, and this is when she made the grizzly realization.

“I realized it was my cat’s leg. She meowed and my first reaction was to scream as I thought she was dead. I felt sick and terrified.”

Ruth rushed the little kitten to the veterinarian in hopes that her little fur baby would be saved.

Nurse Hayley Hyam, who treated Kitty at Taverham Vets, said it’s sadly not common for a cat to survive a washing machine cycle.

“Normally it’s a sad outcome. Unfortunately because of the temperature and the detergent they pass away either through getting really hot or really cold. Also the toxicity of detergent usually burns the skin.

Ruth was told the kitten was hypodermic and would not live to see the next morning.

The veterinarians did all they could to help the poor kitten.  Because the she was so cold they started an IV to give her fluids and help her begin to warm up. She was also given medication to protect her system, as well as oxygen therapy to help her breathe.

Against all odds, the kitten did live to see the next morning.

Ruth said: “Every time the phone rang I thought she was dead. But the next morning, we were told she was fine. ”

Five days later and the kitten is still in top shape, which astonished Nurse  Hyam, “The likelihood of her surviving was a miracle – she truly is a miracle cat.”


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