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Every Day is a Miracle

Miracles are happening all around us, but sometimes it’s not so easy to see them even when they happen right before our eyes.

The sun set this morning, and it will set tomorrow.  The air is pure and fills our lungs.    Water we drink quenches our thrust. The food we eat nourishes our bodies.

A live is born every minute…


This website is dedicated to publishing profound stories and detailed descriptions of every day miracles and the people who experienced them.

Have you experienced a miracle?  Share your story with us.


Before and After Photos: Luxury Jet Plummets 10,000 Feet

A luxury Bombardier Challenger carrying 9 passengers including crew flying at an altitude of 34,000 feet was flipped upside down and began rolling uncontrollably as plummeted 10,000 feet in an instant. The incident was caused by a much larger Airbus passed over the Bombardier  at approximately 35,000 feet.  The wake turbulence  from the Airbus was so powerful that …


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